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Beta version is ready!

It is time to start testing! The great folks at Agape Red in Omaha, Nebraska have completed the work on our beta version of the Work4It app. The current version will allow us to test the functionality of the app and hopefully gain some valuable insight from users. We have to put out the disclaimer that this is a relatively bare bones version of what we hope the final app will look like. This was done so that we can build the final version based on what users want rather than what we think they want. In the end, this app is meant to be a fun way to help maximize your workout results through rewards based motivation. Whether it be running that extra mile, pushing the elliptical to the next level, or walking until the next song ends, we hope that Work4It provides a fun way to track your rewards based results.

We are currently looking for iPhone users that are willing to participate in our beta testing session which is scheduled to take place through February 2017. Our target audience are those that already engage in a regular exercise routine at least 3 times a week but we welcome anyone that can provide feedback. If you are willing to participate in our testing session, that would be awesome! All we need to get you started is an email from you with an email address that you can access on your iPhone (unfortunately we are not beta testing on Android at this time). Send that address to and we will send an invite for the beta version testing.

Thanks again so much to the people that have already provided feedback and we very much look forward to thoughts from our future testers.


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