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Work4It® – Motivational Fitness

Rewards Based Motivation

Who doesn't love Pizza?!

Everyone loves pizza, why not Work4It® and earn your way to guilt-free slices. Based on a medium pepperoni pie, we’ve set the bar at 240 calories per slice which means you may have to push yourself to earn that next piece, but it’s worth it.

Mmmmmm, Beer!

The Work4It® beer is based on a light beer and comes in at 8 calories per ounce or 160 calories in a 22 once glass, taking into account the space wasted on the dang foam.

Come on's Chocolate!

Really want to treat yourself, go the extra mile (almost literally) and earn your way to chocolate bliss. Each Work4It®chocolate bar comes in at 210 calories providing a motivational reward that makes the miles worthwhile.

From the box or bottle,'s worth the miles!

An average glass of red wine comes in at 125 calories per 5 ounce glass, which gives you a good baseline for earning your way to a relaxing reward….especially if your wine glass is more in the shape of a fishbowl.

The Final Stretch


A couple months of beta testing behind us and we are ready to move into the next phase of development before release. Thank you to everyone that participated in the testing. Our plan is to have the

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Beta version is ready!


It is time to start testing! The great folks at Agape Red in Omaha, Nebraska have completed the work on our beta version of the Work4It app. The current version will allow us to test the functionali

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Here we go!


If you are reading this you are one of the first to encounter our plans for world domination…..I mean creating a new, fun, motivational app. If you are not reading this you are obviously doing some

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